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Medical Technology Advisors


Launching a new Medical Technology can be as challenging as climbing a mountain.


Our Mission is to help entrepreneurs bring innovative and sustainable medical technologies to market and scale them up, advancing the life of patients around the world and creating value for the shareholders.

Our Vision is to become the long-term partner of choice of medical technology startups and scaleups and support them to achieve limitless peaks in medical technology.

We are a team of senior advisors and angel investors driven by a common passion for medical technology, with past experience in the industry at large multinational companies, small to medium enterprises and as entrepreneurs ourselves.

 We are supported by a network of external partners, including subject matter experts, healthcare professionals and specialised investors to provide the best service to our clients.

We are based in Milan, Italy and we operate globally, with a focus on Europe, the USA and China.

 Pre-commercial startups:

We help you bring your medical technologies to patients around the world.

We support you to validate the market opportunity and the proposed solution via primary and secondary research.

We  apply a user-centric design

approach to help you develop products that actually meet the clinical needs.

We help you prioritise which global markets to focus on, define and implement the best regulatory, clinical and market access strategies for each of them, including an adequate positioning, pricing, and distribution network.


 Commercial startups:
Scale up

We help you scale up your MedTech business, implementing the right organisation, processes, and tools to support the growth.

We leverage an innovative process to streamline strategic planning, helping you review your strategic priorities, identify new opportunities to grow your business, execute and monitor them.

We recommend you actions to increase the adoption of your medical technology through commercial excellence initiatives, enter new markets with a proper market access strategy and improve existing business models.

  Startups and investors:
Fundraising and M&A

We connect MedTech entrepreneurs with our large network of specialised investors, including business angels, venture capitalists, corporate ventures, family offices and private equity funds.

We assist both parties to successfully close deals, including equity investments, strategic partnerships, licenses, mergers and acquisitions (M&A). 

Our financial services include scouting for prospects, financial modelling and valuation, pitching, setting up a data room, managing due diligence, supporting the business negotiation and planning post-closing activities.



Patient centric

We support our clients to bring innovative and sustainable medical technologies to patients around the world. Our ultimate goal is to serve patients.

MedTech passionate

We have an engineering and management background and MedTech is our passion. We speak the same language of our clients and their customers. 

Diverse & Inclusive

We embrace diversity and we consider it a strength. We work in team and we are inclusive, helping each other to better serve our clients. 


We are curious and avid learners. We continuously look for ways to improve ourselves. We like to provide and receive feedback.

Customer obsessed

We aim at becoming the long-term partner of choice of our clients. Our success is measured with the satisfaction of our clients and, ultimately, their patients.

Data driven

Our approach to business is analytical and scientific. We provide meaningful insights and actionable recommendations to our clients, based on validate data and facts.


We are agile and flexible in everything we do. We embrace and encourage change. We are lean and avoid any unnecessary steps.

Environmentally friendly

We are paperless and we work remotely as much as possible. We believe in the power of face to face meetings, but avoid any unnecessary travel.


Simone Bottan

CEO Hylomorph


Fundraise - Series B round

“Working with Luca on our fundraise was a pleasure. He has extraordinary experience in the MedTech field and his understanding of the business aspects stands out. What truly impressed me was Luca's knack for spotting crucial details, leaving the noise aside, especially during due diligence. He is a valuable asset in navigating the MedTech space"


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Medical Technology Advisors


Tel: +39 02 36568984

Milan, Italy

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